Meet your Unity Chair

Faadil Ahmed


Unity is the foundation of our Muslim Student Association and our Islamic identity. We harbor a welcoming environment through the use of events and opportunities to allow students to engage in strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam. Without a unified body, communication and therefore life becomes more challenging.

       We employ the use of unity in all of our events whether it's fun a leisurely events like a potluck or competitive games during MSA Olympics. Every week, we offer a brothers' unity event and a sisters' unity event. We also provide entire MSA body unity events every month in order to strengthen the ties between one another in a home far away from home.


Every week we have a unity event for the Sisters and a unity event for the Brothers. Make sure to find your respective MSA Unity page to stay in touch for all the events. Check back every week for new posting on the wesbite. You wouldn't want to miss it!