Ahnaf Ishmam

Photography Chair


Salaam everyone! I'm Ahnaf Ishmam and I'm your Photography Chair! I'm from Queens, New York City. I'm currently majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology. When I'm free, I like to discover new spots for some portrait and landscape photos! I like to play soccer and eat Sushi quite frequently! My favorite movies are Batman the Dark Knight and 3 Idiots! My goal is to collaborate with the Shura members and other officers and help improve the content of MSA social media platforms with my photography skills IA. I plan on using my DSLR camera and other photography equipment to take photos and shoot videos for future in-person MSA events such as Curtis Orchard trip, BOYD, Film Fests, etc IA!  Get ready for your new LinkedIn profile pictures!!


If you need to contact me email me at