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My MSALibrary: The My MSALibrary service is a where you'll be able to borrow  our textbooks for the entire semester for free. Our inventory grows every year! If you sign up earlier, you could guarantee yourself access to all the books you need and beat the rush.


Voting: A critical part of any organization, being a member gives you the power to vote! By being a member, your input is valuable and can influence the future of the MSA.


Online Account: Once you become a member, you'll have a personal account on our website to be able to access the information you need and request direct services.


Nominations: Being a member gives you the eligibility to run for the executive board. When you become a member, you care. Be a leader and take the MSA to another level.


Discounted Event Tickets: You'll make up your membership fee through discounted event ticket sales. More importantly, you'll be able to preorder your tickets instead of waiting in long lines.


Post Meeting Notes: Every week, the executive board meets to discuss upcoming events. You'll have access to all the preliminary notes and decide if you want to contribute.


Sublease Advertisement: We provide a full listing advertisement service on our website. Getting a sublease can be hard but watching your money go to waste is harder.


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