Ashra Gaffor

Vice President


Ashra Gaffor is a senior majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Business. She has served on Shura previously as the Outreach head and is looking forward to using what she has learned to be a better leader, InshaAllah. Ashra is passionate about expanding the Muslim community and is working towards building a diverse MSA by making sure to bring awareness to the different Muslim communities on campus as well as their missions. She wants to help make the MSA an umbrella that connects all the Muslim students and organizations on campus. She looks forward to working on new projects and initiatives on inclusivity. Additionally, she is looking forward to working with her officers to host events for students through professional development, BOYD and MADD, Spring Camp, and making Ramadan on campus an unforgettable experience for all of us. Ashra is a friendly person that loves meeting new people and wants everyone to feel welcomed and have a home in the MSA. You will often see her at the Union RSO with a Starbucks coffee, “working” on her laptop, and laughing at her own jokes. 


To contact Ashra directly, email her at 

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