Alumni Program


We want our students to succeed and make a lasting impact in the real world when they graduate. In order to do that, we hope to provide them with the direction and resources necessary for them to succeed. InshAllah we hope to use this program as a means for alumni to stay connected to their alma mater and to give back to the MSA and Muslim community on campus.


If you are an alumni, there are multiple ways that you can support us! Please fill out the form below to be recorded in our alumni database so that we can notify you of alumni events or opportunities to be involved. Another way to help is to donate! From our weekly events to Islam Awareness Week, the Relief Trip, Spring Camp, and more, we do our best to be as involved on campus as possible and your financial support is greatly appreciated! 


Please sign up for both our LinkedIn group and our alumni database so we can keep in touch!








Events: We aim to host two main events every year in order to accomodate everyone's busy schedules. The first event is an Illini Football game in Chicago followed by a tailgate that is solely for alumni to reconnect with each other and their classmates. The game and tailgate usually takes place around Thanksgiving weekend. The second main event will be a dinner on campus for you to revisit your campus and meet our students. This event will usually take place in March.




If you would like to contact Alumni, please fill out the following form! We will match you with alumni based on the requirements you put in. You also have the option to find a career/major buddy who will be an upperclassman that has been in your shoes that you can ask for advice regarding coursework, internships, etc! Click on the button to access the form:









Professional Development Officers

Nuha Mozumder

Ahmad Al-Juborry